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 Shito-Kai Murayama U.S.A. - Illinois
 Shito-Kai Murayama U.S.A. - Texas

 Shito-Kai Murayama U.S.A. - Florida
 Shito-Kai Murayama U.S.A. - Arizona
 Shito-Kai Murayama U.S.A. - California

Shito-Kai Murayama U.S.A. - Ohio  NEW!

Traditional Shito-ryu Karate
Nanban Sato-ryu Kenpo Jujutsu
Ryukyu Kobudo Classical Okinawan Weapons

  This is the Japan Karate-Do Shito-Kai Murayama USA website. This site is to inform Shito-Kai members and Dojo's of interest, on up to date on events. Such as tournaments, Level-Up training courses, Murayama Shihan's Annual visits and instructor training courses.

All Shito-Kai Murayama USA instructors are internationally

certified by the World Shito-ryu Karate-do Federation. All tested by Shihan K. Murayama

Locations, throughout the USA. West, East and Midwest Schools (Dojo's) 

Learn more about classical Karate (empty hand) Kata's, Kumite and Theories. Through the knowledge and teachings of

Shihan Kunio Murayama.


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NEW! June 2016

 The World Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation will be held in Monterrey, Mexico. The home of the Shito-Kai Pan American Honbu Dojo. Murayama, K. Shihan resides and will be hosting this grand event. 

 Congratulations to Eitel, Wayne and Ong, David Sensei's in passing there Godan (5th Degree) Black Belt test! Great job and effort for there achievement. We are one of two Japan Karate schools in Arizona. Koyama, Shojiro Shihan (Shotokan), and us Karate-Do Shito-Kai Murayama USA (Shito-Ryu). 

Great job by all of the students who passed there Dan testing. Murayama, Kunio Shihan was very impressed with the great progress of our dojo (school). Pictures will follow soon. We are happy to announce Shihan has welcomed another Shito-Kai USA school in Akron, Ohio. We will be visiting Los Angeles, California to review probationary dojos (schools) in the area. For membership information contact the Shito-Kai Murayama USA branch at shitokausa@hotmail.com