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Represented U.S.A. Karate in several events. USA represented in the 1st Koshiki (Full contact) Karate Tournament in Irvine, California. This was a U.S.K.A. event hosted by Hanshi R.Trias.

 AAU Arizona State Champion, and competed in several AAU sponsored tournaments such as regional, state in national tournaments.

  Represented WSKF Shito-Kai tournaments as Official Coach, and USA Delegate. These tournaments were held in Canada, Japan, Mexico, etc. 

Shihan Kunio Murayama



   The Japan Karate-Do Federation Shito-Kai Murayama representative for the U.S.A. is headed by Director T. Rabino. in 2007 Rabino, T. Sensei was awarded the rank of 6th Dan (Roku-Dan) in Shito-ryū . Recognized and awarded by the WSKF (Shito-Kai) and Shihan Kunio Murayama & Shihan Genzo Iwata and teaching credentials of Jun Shihan. We are based in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. A martial arts practitioner since 1967 under the tutelage of Sensei Kenyo Watanabe. 2nd Dan in Ryukyu Yamanni-ryu Kobudo under the Ryukyu Bujutsu Kenkyu Dyokai headed by Shihan Toshihiro Oshiro. 3rd Dan in Kodokan Judo under Shihan Kenyo Watanabe.    
   Shito-ryū USA was founded in 1984 while associated with the Kenjutsu-ryu Karate Federation under the direction of Shihan Bayani Adlawan. Originally based out of Hilo, Hi and branched from the Shito-ryu faction of Motobu-Ha Shito-ryu under the direction of Shihan Takamatsu Shimabukuro. After the passing of late Shihan Bayani Adlawan, the Arizona branched into the major group of Seishin Kai Karate Union. This was headed by Soke Shogo Kuniba, son of Kosei Kokuba (Kuniba) and the founder of Motobu-Ha Shito-ryu. Awarded the task of heading the Western Region of U.S.A. by Soke, operated several dojos in Arizona, California & Texas. Trained in Motobu-Ha Shito-ryu, Mugai-ryu Iiado, Ryukyu Kobudo and Goshin Budo under the guidance of Soke Shogo Kuniba. Parted in good terms from Seishin Kai International with a formal letter sent to Mr. Kunio Tatsuno.

  1999 was our (Karate-Do Shito-Kai Murayama USA) initial membership probationary period the World Shito-ryu Karate do Federation - Shito Kai Murayama (Pan America). Shihan Genzo Iwata has presented us with the
USA Representation certificate from the World Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Federation in 2008.